Meet Our Chinese Teachers Online

We want to give you even more access behind the scenes at LTL, which is why we’ve provided you with some Online Teacher Interviews so you can get to know our Chinese Teachers Online.

We’ll be putting you face to face with our wonderful team of teachers and adding more videos so you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Remember, we’ve been teaching students online for over a decade, we know how to get you forward, fast.

We are a brand and a school you can trust, online and offline!

Get to Know Our Team – Chinese Teachers Online

Johan Brandal

Johan 约翰

Online Class Specialist

Teacher Summer - Here to help

Summer 王珊

LTL Teacher


Zoe 黄凤霞

LTL Teacher

Why learn Online - We are super supportive

Annie 关晓雯

LTL Teacher


Evelyn 张卉

LTL Teacher


Tony 张小龙

LTL Teacher


Yiyi 杨蕊菡

LTL Teacher


Jacqueline 于宏梅

LTL Teacher


Julia 张淑婷

LTL Teacher

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