HSK Online Course

The LTL HSK online course will help you to study and prepare for the HSK exam.

The specialized and tailored HSK preparation classes will not only quickly improve your Chinese level, but also get you ready and prepped for the exam.

Like any examination, there are a lot of tips and tricks to know about the HSK test.

We will make sure you know exactly how to approach the exam to make sure you pass. Your online HSK courses will also be tailored to your individual needs, Chinese level and HSK score that you are targeting.

LTL students have a 95% HSK exam pass rate, so if you want to make sure you pass the HSK, keep reading.

  • HSK Focused

    HSK Focused

    Accredited - LTL is an official HSK exam test center

    Certified - all classes are designed by certified HSK examiners

    Experts - we know the HSK exam inside out

    Proven - our students have a 95% HSK exam pass rate

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    Our Programs

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    Just for you - 1-on-1 HSK exam preparation classes

    Successful - we will help you to pass the HSK

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    Our Teachers

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    Certified - all LTL teachers are certified Mandarin instructors

    Individual - all HSK exam courses are taught 1-on-1

    Fun - there is no better way to learn than to enjoy yourself

The HSK Exam

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 汉语水平考试 and it is administered by Hanban under the supervision of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

There are many reasons students take the HSK and each person’s motivation and challenges are different.

For some students the HSK is just a good way to monitor their learning progress and to set themselves milestones they want to achieve as they move towards fluency in Mandarin.

For others getting a specific HSK level is an important qualification for their future professional life.

Whatever it is you are studying for, there is nothing more satisfying than finally getting the notification that you passed the exam.

The LTL HSK Online Course

Each student’s needs and challenges are different and therefore an HSK course always needs to be individually designed and tailored for each individual student.

That is why all HSK online classes at LTL are taught 1-on-1.

Before you start your classes you will have an in depth assessment with our HSK Director of Studies. Based on your individual assessment we will create a personalized and tailored HSK exam study program for you.

You will then start your classes with your HSK teacher and get ready to pass the exam.

Discover how much HSK vocabulary you know with our FREE HSK vocab tests.

Types of HSK Online Course & Prices

We offer five different HSK exam courses. The shorter ones are aimed at just giving you a quick boost before the exam to make sure you pass.

The longer ones will take you through the whole process of moving up a full HSK level. We offer courses for all levels, from HSK level one to six.

All courses are taught individually by a certified HSK exam teacher.

Course Duration Description Price
Quick Test Prep 10 hours – 2 weeks You are almost ready for the HSK exam, but need a quick boost to make sure you pass the test? This course is for you. We will review what you studied before, find out which areas you still need to work on and prepare you for the exam. You will also benefit from some of the insights your teacher will give you about exam taking strategies, how to approach some of the questions, as well as managing your time and maximizing your score during the exam. 279 USD
Prep Kit – Small 25 hours – 2 months If you are not far off from the HSK level you want to achieve but not there yet, this program is made for you. With 25 hours of HSK preparation courses, you will improve your Chinese quickly while never losing track of your HSK aims. We will help you to get your Mandarin up to the level needed, help you to prepare for the exam and make sure you pass it. 697 USD
One Full HSK Level 50 hours – 4 months This course is designed to move you up a full HSK level. We will create an individual study plan for you to move you up to the next HSK level. This will of course take some time and we will together learn the vocab, grammar and characters needed to get there. While we will also tell you all about the little tricks and tips that help with passing the HSK, this course is not just about exam preparation. It is there to help you to improve your general Chinese ability up to a certain HSK level. Taking and passing the exam at the end of it is only the final step of this program. 1,269 USD
Two Full HSK Levels 100 hours – 9 months This online course is designed to improve your Mandarin by two HSK levels over a longer period of time. You will take two HSK exams during the course, but the focus and aim of course is passing the last one. Like all LTL HSK online courses, all classes are taught 1-on-1 and online. 2,379 USD
Three Full HSK Levels 150 hours – 18 months This course can be studied long term as a part-time program or intensively over a shorter period of time. We will take you up three HSK levels and help you to pass the exam. This course will not only allow you to pass a high HSK level, but also significantly improve your Mandarin abilities. It also takes a motivated and committed student, so only sign up for this program if you are ready to invest the time and work to improve by three HSK levels in less than 18 months. 3,475 USD


  • 1-on-1 HSK exam classes with a professional HSK instructor
  • All online study materials
  • Tech support for connection issues
  • The world’s fastest online teaching software
  • Free HSK assessment by our HSK Director of Studies
  • Your individual HSK study plan
  • Support with registering for the HSK exam

Note: LTL never charges any additional registration, material or other fees. Your only costs are the prices above. There are no hidden fees, additional extra charges or anything else of the sort to be discovered later.

The LTL HSK Exam Preparation Kit

LTL also offers a special HSK exam preparation kit to just get you ready for the test. The HSK exam preparation kit does not include any classes, but is solely designed to help you to prepare for the exam.


HSK Test with LTL Mandarin School

  • A personal online face to face assessment of your HSK level
  • A mock HSK exam and detailed analysis
  • A personalized HSK study plan for you
  • Five sets of past HSK test papers including audio files
  • The full HSK test syllabus
  • HSK exam sign up support

There are many HSK mock exams available online. The quality and reliability of those exams varies.

We will make sure that you take a real HSK mock exam. However to really improve you do not only need to know what score you got on a trial test, but also what you did right or wrong and most importantly what and how you need to improve to get a better score.

That is what our HSK mock exam analysis will do for you.

Based on the personal assessment and the mock exam analysis your HSK specialist will design a personalized study and exam plan for you that you can follow to prepare for the exam.

The HSK exam preparation can be used in the weeks before the exam to get a better understanding of what you need to work on during the last few days to get the best score or at the beginning of your preparation with a detailed study plan that you can then follow.

Cost: 980 CNY


Can I take the HSK Online?

There are two different HSK exams, a computer and a paper based one.

The questions are the same, but in one version you use a computer to answer the questions and in the other you do so on paper. However both exams, including the computer based HSK, you will have to take the exam at a dedicated HSK test center.

It is not possible to take the official HSK online.

Is there an oral HSK exam?

Your spoken Mandarin abilities are not examined during an HSK exam.

However, there is a specialised oral HSK exam, called HSKK.

The HSKK or Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi 汉语水平口语考试 has three levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced. Our online HSK exam courses of course can prepare you for both the HSK and the HSKK depending on which one you want to take.

How does the HSK work?

The HSK is the official Chinese language exam administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Hanban.

It is world-wide recognized as the standard frame of reference to test a non-native speaker’s Mandarin ability. It is administered once a month by Hanban 汉办 which is part of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Are all HSK levels the same?

Supposedly they are, but in reality that is not how it works.

To get from HSK 2 to HSK 3 for example is easier and faster than from HSK 4 to HSK 5. Why the exam was designed this way is anybody’s guess, however that is how it works. This also means that with our online HSK packages you might actually achieve a new level faster for the lower HSK levels but might need some extra tuition to pass the higher ones.

Is there an old HSK exam?

Yes, there used to be a different HSK exam.

Originally the HSK was administered by the Beijing Language and Culture University or BLCU and had 13 levels. However, the exam was taken over by the Ministry of Education and re-designed to only include six levels that now roughly follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages from A1 to C2.

Does the HSK require handwriting?

You are not required to write any characters for HSK 1 and 2.

HSK 3 includes a small writing section and for HSK 4 to 6 you will have to write longer essays in Mandarin. For the computerized test you will be able to use a computer to type, so no hand writing is required. For the paper test above level 2 handwriting is required.

Is there an HSK exam in Taiwan?

There is no HSK exam in Taiwan.

In Taiwan instead the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) is offered, with a total of eight levels.

LTL also offers online preparation courses for the TOCFL via our Mandarin School in Taipei. Please contact us for details.

Am I guaranteed to pass the HSK?

We of course cannot guarantee anyone that they will pass the test.

However, as long as you follow the HSK study program we designed for you, attend your classes, do your homework and pay attention to what your teacher says, you have a very high chance of passing it.

On average LTL online HSK course students have an HSK exam pass rate of 95%.

What do I need to I need to join?

An internet enabled device and a working internet connection is the minimum needed to join our online classes.

However for the fastest learning progress we recommend using a PC, webcam and microphone.

A stable WIFI or data connection is also important. In many ways an online class works just like a normal face to face class. Make sure you are in a quiet environment, arrive on time for class and ensure you will not get distracted by phone calls, visiting friends or your favorite pet.

Putting on some decent clothing and sitting on a proper table with a comfortable chair are also a good ideas.

Which parts does the HSK consist of?

Depending on the level the HSK contains different parts.

All HSK exams include a listening, reading and grammar section.

There are no essay writing sections for HSK 1 and 2. There is a small writing section for HSK 3 and for HSK 4-6 you will have to write longer texts in Chinese characters.

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