Flexi Classes are a completely new way of studying Chinese online.

They are small group classes taught by professional teachers that follow your schedule.

You can book a Flexi Class whenever you are free, you can cancel it when your schedule changes, you can study as many or few of them as you like and they are all real interactive classes taught by a professional Chinese instructor.

Groups are very small, with an average of three students and guaranteed never more than six.

All teachers are experienced Chinese language instructors. No videos, no talking to computers, no Apps or computer games, only live group classes taught online by real teachers, with complete flexibility to book, cancel and study when, where and however you want to.

Sounds impossible? Until very recently, it was, now it is no more.

Get Online

Online: Study wherever you are in the world
Interactive: White boards, typing, talking, questions, fun
International: Your class mates are from all over the world
Friends: Meet other language students and make new friends

The LTL Curriculum

Organized: The LTL curriculum is both flexible and rigorous
Easy: Bite sized learning – step by step towards fluency
Fun: Engaging and interactive study materials
Practice: Students speak a lot during class

Great Teachers

Quality: The internets best Chinese language teachers
Experienced: LTL teachers have ample teaching experience
Professional: Teachers are carefully selected, trained and vetted
Fun: We love teaching Chinese online

Maximum Flexibility

Study 24/7: You can study classes at any time of the day
Intensity: No restrictions – study as many hrs as you want
Super Simple: Choose & book your classes online
Cancel: Schedule change? Cancel it online with one click


Learning a language online is one of the best ways to master Mandarin in this day and age.

However, scheduling, teacher availability and lack of human interaction has been a big challenge that often lead to students not achieving Mandarin fluency online.

Before Flexi Classes there were three main ways to study Chinese online.

1) Videos & Apps: Completely time flexible and at a low cost, but with no human interaction or real live teachers.
2) 1-on-1 online classes: Some time flexibility, but no class mates and either non professional teachers or high costs.
3) Fixed time group classes: Low costs and class mates, but no time flexibility or ability to cancel classes.

Flexi Classes combine all the advantages of the three above. They are small group classes, taught by professional teachers at a very attractive price point, but with amazing time flexibility.

You can study when and wherever you want and book or cancel classes with just one click.

You study in a small group class taught by a real live teacher, get to speak and practice during class, ask questions, talk to your classmates and achieve fluency quickly.


Sign up to the Flexi Class and choose your monthly subscription.

Do not worry, in case you want to study less or more later, you can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

The process takes three steps and less than 3 minutes.

Once you are in, go to the class booking section and book classes in your level when you are free. You will be recommended suitable classes for you, but can also choose any according to your preferences.

There are group classes offered 24/7 so you can study at any time of the day or night.

When it is time for your class, click “Join Class” under “My Classes” and you will join the Zoom classroom with your teacher and classmates.

You can follow your progress under “My Level”, check your past and future classes and download teaching materials under “My Classes”.

And that’s it.

It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to get familiar with the system and after that it is very simple to use. If you have any questions, you can contact us under “Help” at any time.


It is also possible to book 1-on-1 classes through the Flexi Class system at any time of the day or night.

All you need to do is book them at least 48h in advance and your teacher will be ready for you. It takes no more than two clicks.

You can study a tailor-made class where you decide what you want to learn or follow the LTL curriculum and study one of the provided topics.


Flexi Classes are a flexible subscription model. You can subscribe to any of the packages below depending on how many hours per week you want to study.

From just one lesson per week to a class every day this is all up to you. After you signed up you will immediately have your credits ready in your account and can start booking classes straight away. 

As always with Flexi Classes this can be at any time of the day 24/7.


When are Small Group Classes available?

Small group classes are available 24/7, day and night.

You can search for them by level, time, topic, date, or content in the “Book a Class” section and book them with a single click.

How long is one class?

Each class lasts one hour.

It is possible to study several classes together for bigger study blocks of two, three or even four hours. Small group classes and 1on1 classes have the same duration.

Can I also study Traditional Chinese?

Yes you can!

When you sign up, just choose “I want to study traditional characters” and you will only be shown classes taught with Taipei teaching materials, all of which have traditional characters in addition to the simplified.

Can I always cancel classes?

Yes you can! You can cancel your classes at any time.

You will receive full credits back for all cancellations that are made more than 72 hours before the class time.

Only for cancellations later less than 72 hours in advance credits are not refunded.

How much are credits worth?

One small group class costs one credit.

A 1-on-1 class costs three credits.

It is possible to use 1-on-1 credits to pay for small group classes and small group class credits to pay for 1-on-1 classes, so you are completely free in choosing what kind of classes you want to study.

Can I download teaching materials?

Yes, just go to any class page and download teaching materials for as many classes as you want free of charge.

When are 1-on-1 Classes available?

You can book 1-on-1 classes 24/7, day and night whenever you want.

The only restriction is that a class needs to be booked 48 hours in advance to make sure there is enough time to prepare and organize your class.

There is no restriction for group classes – as long as there are seats available you can join at any time.

What are the teaching materials?

The LTL teaching curriculum is what really sets us apart.

Fun, easily understandable and current, while also highly structured and organised, this is the best online Chinese studying PDF series available.

We have three different versions, compiled by the LTL teaching teams in Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei.

All of them use simplified characters and pinyin, but the Taipei version also includes traditional Chinese characters.

If I want, can I just study Spoken Chinese?

Yes you can!

Chose the “Spoken Chinese Only” option when you sign up and you will be only shown classes that teach spoken Chinese.

You will also be able to complete levels without studying any of the character classes.

What software do you use to teach?

All classes are taught on Zoom as this is currently the most reliable and stable teaching software available.

This is important because our students come from all over the world.

Zoom also offers whiteboards, screen sharing, typing characters and a lot of other options that are very useful when teaching Mandarin online.

How long are credits valid for?

All credits are valid for the duration of a full month (31 days) from when you purchased them to make a booking.

It is possible to use credits to book classes as far in the future as you like and that credit will never expire, just make sure you make the booking within the 31 day validity of the credits.

Do you also have schools I can visit?

Yes we do.

We are active in 8 locations around China and Asia as of 2020.

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